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Smart Money Education
Empire iX Classes
Empire iX Testimonial
Empire iX Testimonial
Empire iX Testimonial

Get the Education you Deserve

Empire iX is an official educational team for iX Global that specializes in Institutional Trading, or "Smart Money," concepts. We value true education and proper risk management, in order to help you to take your trading to the next level!

Our traders / experts have years of experience in the markets and are dedicated to give you guidance and mentorship to help you understand the financial markets.

What's Included?

Smart Money Academies

Empire iX has 5 academies with over 100+ hours of content to help you learn Institutional Trading (Smart Money) Concepts from beginner to advanced!

LIVE Classes

Hop on LIVE Classes and Trading Sessions with an official educator, that has years of trading experience, to trade with and help you improve as a trader!

Trade Alerts

Get access to 16 trade alert channels to take easy-to-read trades in a copy-and-paste format to help you learn AND earn* with our experts.

Community & Mentorship

Join exclusive group chats with leaders, peers, and even the official educators to guide and mentor you through your learning journey.

Trader Resources

Receive official Empire iX spreadsheet resources and study guides, including our Trade Journal, Exponential Growth Tracker, Wyckoff material, and even more!

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Vu Cao

Vu Cao

"Before Empire, I have tried to learn from many different groups and teachers but I still couldn't improve at all. Within 2 months of joining Empire, I had my first profitable month ever. The curriculum is top notch. I learned so much about price action, and how to read the market as it happens, without using any indicator. The educators at Empire genuinely put in a huge amount of effort in helping students to improve. Someone is always there to answer my question. There are live trading sessions many times a week to teach us how to analyze the market. None of the my previous teaching groups has ever done this. I'm very grateful to be a part of Empire iX"

Chris Lengle

Chris Lengle

"I'm so excited I found how to trade smart money and institutional with Empire iX. I used to trade for years and have inconsistent results. I followed so many different gurus who teach patterns and indicators and now learning that I don’t need that. These guys are such amazing educators. They’re able to take such complicated concepts and just break them down and make them very simple"

Joe Williams

Joe Williams

"Empire iX has really enhanced my knowledge of Forex trading. Their instructors are knowledgeable, good communicators and teachers, and available to answer questions and provide help"

Darci Reyes

Darci Reyes

"Empire has offered me WAY more one on one and mentorship than the other groups I've paid for. These are skilled educators who love to see us succeed. Empire is uniquely positive and genuine. Don't think twice just sign up and join us"

Keenan Henry

Keenan Henry

"I can’t express how happy I am to be a part of Empire. I can say that before I met them, I deeply relied on signals and I was tired of blaming my losses on people. I wanted better for myself, I wanted to learn. With the knowledge received from Empire I have already started making profits, managing my risk better and I have no problems entering trades and being successful. Finding Trades with SLs as small as 5 pips, easily achieving trades with a 1:3 risk reward ratio. All you need is 3% a day to compound / easily pass FTMO. I would recommend Empire to anyone that values their future and wants to learn how to trade. THANK YOU EMPIRE 😊"

Build Your Empire

Become a Brand Ambassador

Love the education from Empire iX? Refer a family member or friend to the platform and earn a referral bonus for doing so!

Take it a step further and become an official brand ambassador of iX Global to work with leaders o
f the iX community to build an online organization. You can earn a part-time income, full-time income, or even a fortune of residual income with our top-10 compensation plan for simply sharing the iX platform with others around the world!

Become an iX Glo
bal Brand Ambassador today to build your own Empire!

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