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       Launch Process

Welcome iX Global Member!

We are so excited that you are here! This page is your Empire iX Launch Process. It is filled with information on how to get started, tutorial videos, and links to help you set up and access everything you need! If you have any questions, please revisit this page or reach out to your sponsor and they can help you get started!

Thank you and once again, welcome to iX Global!


Additional Walkthrough Videos on how to use the apps, creating / funding

a LIVE trading account can be found here:

Step 1) Download these apps by clicking each image:




MetaTrader 4


Cash App








iX Global App

Step 2) Navigating the iX Global App

With your purchase, you are able to access all aspects of the iX Global App! Please watch this video to learn how to create an account and how to navigate around the app:

Step 3) Join The Telegram Channel

To gain access to the class links, trade ideas, and trading resources, please join our telegram channel. To learn how, please watch this video:

Step 5) Set Up Demo Account

To set up a Demo Trading Account, you must sign up with a broker. Our recommended broker is
“Prevail FX.” To sign up and create a Demo Account with Prevail FX, please watch these 2 videos:



Prevailfx Logo.png

Click here to sign up with PrevailFX


Please select one of these two:

*Cash App is only available in US & UK*

Step 4) Accessing the Academies

To start learning Smart Money Concepts with the Empire iX academies including: Prerequisites, Master Trader University, Live Session Recordings, & Expert Analysis modules, please watch this video:

Step 6) Meet Your Educators

Empire iX has 3 amazing educators that all have a similar, yet unique, style of Smart Money Trading. Please select a name below to find out more about each educator


Go to the
iX Global App


Shortcut to join telegram channel


Telegram Photo Design 2.png

Ready for Smart Money Concepts?

Please select your level:

Expert Analysis_edited.jpg

New to Forex? Watch

Forex: The Basics


Prerequisite Picture_edited.jpg
Live Session Recordings Picture_edited.jpg
Master Trader University Picture_edited.jpg


Master Trader


Live Session


Expert Analysis

James Vid Tag_edited.png
Zay Temp Pic 2_edited.png
Garrison Vid Tag_edited.png

Step 7) Get Class Reminders

Below is a Google calendar of Empire iX's class schedule. To get class reminders, please click the bottom right corner of this calendar to add to your personal Google calendar so you can be reminded about classes!

Click here to add to your calendar!

Class Times are shown in EST

You are all set up and ready to learn!

You are now fully launched and are ready to take your trading to the next level! Make sure to plug in to the system, stay engaged and utilize the products, and take the time to learn / practice everyday for the best results!

If you need more assistance at anytime, please refer back to this page OR reach out to your sponsor and they can help you.

Thank you for trusting Empire iX with your trading education and once again, welcome! :)

Welcome to Empire iX!
(Official Institutional Trading Educational Team of iX Global)

Getting Started Button 3.png

Click here to download our "Getting
Started with Empire iX" document

Click Here for

Class Schedule


Telegram Photo Design 3.png
FAQ Button.png

Click Here for
FAQ Videos

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