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Pre-Recorded Academies
As a member of Empire iX, you gain access to our 5 exclusive educational academies, including our most popular

Empire iX - Master Trader University. This university-style course will teach you Institutional Trading concepts from the very beginning, helping you build your foundation as a trader, then build on it with each new concept, in a step-by-step format. You will enroll as a Freshman and work your way through the Freshman level videos. Then you will be ready to take the Freshman Level Quiz and when you pass with an 80% or higher, you will be able to move on to the Sophomore Level, and continue all the way until you pass the Senior Level quiz and receive your Certificate of Completion!

In addition to the Empire iX academies, you will gain access to several other courses that iX Global has to offer! To preview all of the courses you will get access to, please

Welcome to Empire iX!
Empire iX is the official Institutional Trading (Smart Money) educational team here at iX Global. Through our trading mentorship program, we are dedicated to helping all of our students take their trading to the next level!

Whether you are a beginner or experienced trader, we have the tools and resources to help you improve as a trader. 
Let's take a look at the multiple aspects of our platform to help you decide if our trading education is the right fit for you:


LIVE Classes & Trading Sessions
Hop on our LIVE classes and trading sessions with one of our iX Market Experts to get the guidance and mentorship you deserve! On these group sessions, you will be able to see real-time examples of how to use the concepts you learned in the academies, get you questions answered, and even take some live trades with us!

We host live sessions, Sunday - Friday at different times throughout the day in order to accommodate to people in different time zones. To access our full schedule and details about each session, please 

Exclusive Resources
As a member, you will be able to download your copy of our exclusive Empire iX spreadsheet resources, including our
Trade Journal, Exponential Growth Tracker, and Trading Plan Template! These resources are designed to guide you

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in creating the perfect trading plan to help you trade like a professional trader, by tracking each trade you take and managing your goals.

Trade Alerts

With Empire iX, you have ability to learn AND EARN! All members of Empire iX gain access to our private Telegram Channel where we send out the trades that we take in easy-to-read format to allow you to easily copy-and-paste, and take the same trades as us experts. You will have the ability to practice taking these trades on a DEMO account, or potentially start growing a live account (at your own risk) while you are still developing your strategy.

We here at Empire iX value honesty and transparency, so it's important to know that we cannot / do NOT guarantee any ROI or income from our trade alerts. All trades alerts are taken at your own risk. We are NOT financial or investment advisors. We are traders that provide education about our strategy and the financial markets to the members of iX Global. Please make sure to complete your own research and contact us to ask questions before getting involved

July Results

15+ Additional Trading Channels
By joining iX Global, not only will you get access to the Institutional Trading education from Empire iX, but you will also get access to 10+ additional trading channels managed by several great trading teams!

Increase your knowledge with the different trading strategies from each team as well as the ability to maximize the amount of trades alerts you receive every week!

Every team of traders here values transparency, which is why we post our trading results every week and every month. The picture here shows the most recent month of trading results from each team here at iX Global. Please take the time review the wins, losses, and efficiency of each team.

We encourage you to join the channels that you like best and that you can relate to the most, in order to help you find the most success on your trading journey!


Ready to take your trading to the next level? Choose a membership to get started
or contact us to learn more about each membership


Basic iX Academies
7 Trade Alert Channels



All iX Academies
Live Education
Empire iX
15+ Trade Alert Channels

Still have questions about our Trading Education? Please watch this full presentational video
or contact us for more information

Connect with Your Educators

Please click the icons below to contact the educator(s) of your choice
(and follow us on social media!)

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James Martinez

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Zay Molina

iX Market Expert
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Garrison Gavin

iX Market Expert

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Sign Up with Empire iX

To join Empire iX today, please complete the following steps:
(or contact us for assistance)

1) Create an Account with iX Global*

2) Upgrade Your Account to the Pro or Premium Membership

3) Join the
Empire iX Telegram Channel to Start Learning

Once you have completed your purchase, please contact Zay Molina as he will help you get fully setup and officially welcome you to the iX Global community!

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*If you are already a member of iX Global, please make sure you have an active Pro Pack Subscription at iX Global, and you will have

access to the Empire iX education. Please CLICK HERE if you need assistance in gaining access to the Empire iX education*

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